Change The Rules

Monday 12th March, 2018

Australian Unions are campaigning to change the rules so that working people have more secure jobs and better pay. Read more

Ratios for Aged Care - Make Them Law Now

Tuesday 6th February, 2018

Australia’s elderly die in care with no laws to protect them. The upcoming May budget and Federal Election is our chance to get the government to take action and make Ratios Law. Read more

Southern Cross Don’t Care

Wednesday 19th July, 2017

It’s a disgrace that Southern Cross Care in three states are cutting nursing and carer hours, and in Tasmania where enterprise bargaining has stalled and qualified carers are being paid below the award minimum rate. Read more

What is the Hidden Cost of your Healthcare?

Thursday 6th April, 2017

The healthcare sector and government in Australia are failing to address labour and human rights violations linked to the production of our healthcare goods. Find out more about the production of goods such as gloves, surgical instruments, clothing, footwear and electronics and what should be done by Government, companies and end users. Read more

Caring for Cognitive Impairment Campaign

Wednesday 9th March, 2016

The ANMF supports the Caring for Cognitive Impairment campaign about improving our knowledge and care practices, providing better outcomes for patients, hospitals, staff and loved ones, and reducing the risk of harm in hospitals. Read more

Vote ‘Yes’ to enshrine ratios in law

Wednesday 2nd September, 2015

The Safe Patient Care (Nurse to Patient and Midwife to Patient) Bill 2015 has passed through the both houses of the Victorian Parliament. There is just one hurdle to jump before nurse/midwife: patient ratios are enshrined in law for all nurses and midwives working in the public sector in Victoria. Read more

Grad Nurses and Midwives Deserve a Working Future

Tuesday 2nd June, 2015

The ANMF continues to work towards securing employment opportunities for newly graduating nurses and midwives. We know that the situation will only worsen unless people in the position to make real change find solutions to improve employment opportunities for graduates. Read more

Support Nepal

Friday 22nd May, 2015

The Nepalese desperately need our help after two devastating earthquakes. Union Aid Abroad is working with Nepal’s unions to provide medical aid, shelter, water and food. Read more

Stop Government cuts to PPL

Wednesday 20th May, 2015

On Mothers Day 2015, the Government announced they would deny access to Government funded paid parental leave for Australian women who have some paid parental leave provided by their employer through an enterprise agreement. Read more

Nurses and Midwives – we deserve our penalty rates

Monday 18th May, 2015

The Productivity Commission may make recommendations that affect penalty rates, shift allowances, wages and conditions. Yet another attempt by the Abbott Government to allow business to take control of the agenda and cut wages & conditions that don't suit them or that they don't want to pay. Read more

Medicare’s worth defending

Friday 15th May, 2015

In Budget 2014, the Abbott Government attempted to unravel Medicare with the proposed introduction of a GP co-payment. After three unsuccessful attempts to destroy our universal healthcare system, many believe that the fight for Medicare has been won. But think again. Read more

Ratios: Save Lives

Saturday 25th April, 2015

The time has arrived for Queensland to introduce safe nurse/midwife-to-patient ratios and skill mixes. Read more

Support our nurses and midwives

Thursday 2nd April, 2015

We are standing up for you and your communities. We believe health care in Queensland is a right, not a privilege. Help us keep it that way. Read more

Save Our Weekend Penalty Rates

Wednesday 1st April, 2015

The government is trying to ram a Bill through the Parliament to make it easier for bosses to force workers to give up penalty rates under individual contracts. With your help we can stop them and together, we can build a better future. Read more

Stand Up For Super

Thursday 26th February, 2015

After a lifetime of work, all Australians deserve a comfortable retirement. Superannuation plays an important role in delivering greater financial security in retirement. Read more

I Give A Gonski

Thursday 1st January, 2015

Gonski funding will help every Australian child to get a great education. Read more

Back your nurses

Tuesday 2nd December, 2014

Every patient, in every region and community, deserves the right to safe care and a properly funded public health system. Read more