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Kylie Monaghan — ‘face’ of a voluntary euthanasia campaign dies at 35

Voluntary euthanasia advocate Kylie Monaghan passed away on October 8th from terminal cancer hoping her legacy will be South Australian MPs voting in favour of legalising the right to voluntarily die with dignity.

Ms Monaghan, 35, of Port Pirie, was the face of the Be the Bill campaign launched last month urging SA politicians to support a cross-party private members bill seeking to legalise voluntary euthanasia.

Her family released a statement that said she passed away in Port Pirie Hospital with her husband Daryll and family by her side.

“Kylie was proud to be the face of the Be the Bill campaign and she was clear that the right to die with dignity was a legacy she wanted to leave behind,” it said.

“In her final days, Kylie reiterated her wish for South Australian politicians to vote in favour of voluntary euthanasia laws. While Kylie knew the laws would not assist her, she remained determined to help others.”

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Meet Kylie Monaghan. She has advanced breast cancer that has spread to her liver and bones, causing her incredible pain every day. The South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Bill will soon be debated in the South Australian Parliament. The ANMF has partnered with Go Gentle Australia to support this bill and people like Kylie, who face unrelievable pain in the final stage of life and who want the compassionate choice of a peaceful death. Kylie has put her name and face to the bill, to remind politicians, she isn't an abstract idea but rather a real person with real suffering. You can too - Join us at BeTheBill.com.

Nurses see it all. Spending more time with the patients and patient families than most other health professionals, they know what options and services really work. But in palliative care - what can you do when the options run out? Watch as four nurses share their thoughts and experiences in palliative care and how voluntary euthanasia could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

You can remind South Australian politicians that the choice to pass this compassionate law is in their hands. There have been 13 previous attempts in South Australia to pass such a law and they have all been rejected. Do not let this be the 14th. No Australian should be left to die in unrelievable pain.

Here’s a quick guide to outline how you can participate.

1. Head to BeTheBill.com where your personalised Voluntary Euthanasia Bill will be instantly created and sent to politicians.
2. Share your bill to your Facebook with 'public'' visibility settings.
3. Write a short, personal message in the Facebook post detailing why you decided to join the cause or why you believe voluntary euthanasia should be legalised in Australia. Include the hashtag #BeTheBill.
4. Head to the Go Gentle Australia YouTube page and share Kylie’s video to your social accounts.

Be The Bill uses your Facebook information to create your personalised Bill. However, if you are not on Facebook but still want to have your voice heard by the politicians, please send your message of support to bethebill@gogentleaustralia.org.au and we'll send it on to all 69 South Australian parliamentarians.

Thank you for doing your part to help those who want the freedom to make this important choice, and for choosing to Be the Bill.