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Demand Dignity for residents and workers in aged care

The Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee are holding an inquiry and report on the future of Australia’s aged care workforce.

Nurses and Aged Care Workers extremely concerned

For many years the ANMF have advocated for improved laws, standards, staffing and monitoring of aged care facilities in Australia. The Senate Community Affairs Committee called for submissions on aged care workforce issues, the ANMF filed a comprehensive submission and also asked members, residents, the community and families to make their own submissions and share their stories and aged care concerns with the Committee.

Registered Nurses in Aged Care 24/7

The ANMF is calling for a recommendation from the Senate Committee to mandate a registered nurse 24/7 in all stand-alone aged care facilities, as was recommended by a NSW Government Upper House Inquiry late last year.

The ANMF believes that the rostering of a RN should be based on the high-care needs of patients, not on the discretion of the aged care facility’s operator.

It’s scandalous that on any given night at nursing homes across the country, a single care worker with minimal training can be looking after 30-50 frail, vulnerable patients with complex, chronic conditions and many with Dementia.

RNs are essential in prescribing multiple medications, wound care and performing procedures and providing palliative care.

Terms of Reference - The future of Australia’s aged care sector workforce.

You can read the terms of reference for this Committee here.

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