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Medicare’s worth defending

Why Medicare?
Medicare is an uncommon success. It gives all Australians access to adequate, affordable health care, irrespective of their personal circumstances.

In Budget 2014, the Abbott Government attempted to unravel Medicare with the proposed introduction of a GP co-payment. After three unsuccessful attempts to destroy our universal healthcare system, many believe that the fight for Medicare has been won.

But think again. In Budget 2015, the Abbott Government is attempting a four year freeze on Medicare rebates which could lead to even higher charges than the failed GP tax from Budget 2014. Doctors report that this could force them to increase the out of pocket charge to patients – effectively introducing a GP tax by the back door. 

Medicare Review Announced by Government

In April 2015 the Government announced that it would review the Medicare Benefits Schedule which the ANMF has welcomed, although we believe the review must focus on strengthening our Universal healthcare system, not dismantling it.

Medicare Matters
Medicare matters to each of us, and sometimes when we visit a hospital or GP, we don’t know exactly Medicare is paying for. There are many untruths being circulated about Medicare and our universal healthcare system, that “it’s not sustainable, Australia’s health spending per capita is too high, can we contain spending, and can we afford Medicare”. 

We believe that we cannot afford to lose Medicare. As individuals we don’t know when we will need Medicare. As a community we want to make sure that proper healthcare is available to everyone in the community.

Read our Medicare facts page to find out the facts about our Medicare and healthcare spending in Australia.

Because Medicare Matters.