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Occupational violence and aggression

A 10 point plan to end violence and aggression

For years, ANMF (Vic Branch) has been working to improve the safety of nurses and midwives working in our Victorian hospitals and public health care facilities.

Monash University recently conducted a survey of our members on the level of violence and aggression in our hospitals and it returned alarming results. 

Nearly 70 per cent of around 5,000 respondents reported experiencing violence or aggression at work in the past year, with a quarter of those reporting experiencing violence or aggression on a regular basis. 

These statistics represent just the tip of the iceberg as we know violence and aggression in health settings is grossly under reported and prosecuted. 

Violence is not a part of nurses’ and midwives’ jobs.

In a move to stop the unacceptable number of assaults, the Branch has developed a 10-point plan to end violence and aggression in our healthcare facilities.

10 point plan summary

  1. Improve security
  2. Identify risk to staff and others
  3. Include family in the development of patient care plans
  4. Ensure violent incidents are reported, investigated and acted upon
  5. Prevent violence through workplace design
  6. Provide education and training to healthcare staff  
  7. Integrate legislation, policies and procedures in a state-wide approach
  8. Provide post-incident support
  9. Apply anti-violence approach across all healthcare disciplines
  10. Empower staff to expect a safe workplace

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