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Ratios: Save Lives

The time has arrived for Queensland to introduce safe nurse/midwife-to-patient ratios and skill mixes.

Queenslanders – as well as our nurses and midwives – deserve the safety, security and benefits that result from nurse and midwife ratios.

The benefit of safe ratios is irrefutable.

In health services around the world, including in other Australian states, facilities with a higher percentage of registered nurses per patient have lower patient mortality, reduced length of stay, improved quality of life and less adverse events.

Not only is this better for the health of patients and staff, it’s also better for our economy. Health is a long-term investment, and by investing now in safe ratios, we can save millions of dollars currently being spent on unnecessary costs thanks to stretched workloads.

If we want a more sustainable and productive health care service, we must implement a ratios safety net and provide Queenslanders with a guarantee to put safety first.