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Changes ahead for the ANMJ

Friday 22nd September, 2017

After ANMF members were asked to complete an ANMJ communication survey last month, the results are finally in, and from what you have told us, it’s time to change how we deliver nursing and midwifery news and information.

The survey, which attracted more than 6,000 responses, looked at what you like to read in the journal and how you prefer to receive your nursing and midwifery news.

The results showed 73% of people read all or most of the ANMJ. The content most read included clinical update, features, editorial, columns and news.

The top reasons for reading the journal were to keep informed about the latest nursing and professional issues.  Advice, careers, tips and strategies in the workplace were the main topics you want to read more about.

Forty six percent said lack of time was the main barrier to reading the journal.

While 80% read the printed version of the journal, 40% said they didn’t access the online version due to habit.

More than 77% of respondents said they would be interested in a specialised website to access the latest news information. Yet the leading reason for not wanting to access a specialised ANMJ website was that readers didn’t want it to replace the printed journal.

From what you have told us we need to change. Going forward the ANMJ will reduce its frequency and move to either a quarterly or bimonthly publication. The ANMJ will also develop a specialised website with more of the information that you want to read.

Not only will the website give readers timely access to the latest information, it will also help reduce the ANMJ’s impact on the environment.

ANMF Federal Secretary Lee Thomas said change to how the ANMF produces its communications was inevitable. “We are now living in a highly digitalised age that has changed how we access information. The time is now right for us to embrace it.”

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