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Editorial Annie Butler ANMF A/Federal Secretary

Wednesday 24th January, 2018

Welcome not only to the first issue of the ANMJ for 2018 but also to my first editorial as A/Federal Secretary.

Late last year we said farewell to ANMF Federal Secretary Lee Thomas, who is currently seeing out her well-earned long service leave and will retire as federal secretary thereafter. We thank Lee for her years of service to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and wish her well in her newly chosen career of law, where we know she’ll be a dynamo.

Lori-anne Sharp, who was the ANMF’s Vice President, will now join the Federal Office as A/Assistant Federal Secretary.  Along with the staff at the Federal Office both Lori-anne and I are excited and eager to meet the challenges that 2018 brings.

Already we have set a priority list of critical issues we plan to address. This list will be challenging but we are confident our goals are achievable for the benefit of nurses, midwives, carers, patients and the community.

On top of our list is to fix the crisis in aged care. We plan to launch an unprecedented national campaign in pursuit of ensuring funding is directed into care, legislated ratios and proper skills mix, to ensure missed care is a thing of the past and better conditions for aged care workers.

As we boldly raise awareness about these core issues, we will be putting politicians on notice to address this crisis immediately.

Campaigning about the adverse health impacts of climate change will also be high on the priority list for the ANMF.  It is essential we transition to zero-emissions energy sources to avoid dangerous and irreversible environmental and health impacts. Not only will we be lobbying politicians on this, but we will be calling on nurses and midwives to communicate with their communities and workplaces about climate and health and participate in the broader climate change debate.

To ensure the ANMF is placed as a key player in influencing the government’s agenda in national health and aged care policy, we will be boosting our research capacity to provide better evidence. Our expanded research platform will include analysis of the impact of federal health and aged care policies, including workforce analysis, funding shortfalls and improving the capacity for nurses, midwives and carers to deliver the best care they can.

Throughout 2018 the ANMF will be supporting the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) national Change the Rules campaign to provide fairer working conditions. This includes a just tax system, protected penalty rates for nurses and midwives in all sectors and fairer rules for aged care workers.

Another major priority for the ANMF will be streamlining the way we communicate with members. We want to make news and information more accessible and relevant to the readership. This includes the ANMJ having a greater online presence through a digital news site, while reducing the frequency of the paper version of the journal. By introducing these changes we will continue to provide you with your favourite columns, as well as up to date real time news.

More details of all of these priorities can be found in this month’s journal.

It is going to be a busy year for the ANMF but we are ready and willing to take on these challenges and any other issues that arise.

We look forward to working with you and for you as we grow from strength to strength as Australia’s biggest union dedicated to nurses, midwives and personal care assistants.

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