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A message from Lee Thomas, ANMF Federal Secretary

2015 will be a big year for nurses and midwives, as we stand united against the Americanisation of our health system, as we fight for decent healthcare for all. Together we will oppose any attempts to reduce penalty rates by the Abbott Government and we will fight for health funding which will ensure quality care.

In December the Abbott Government backed off from their attempt to introduce a $7 dollar GP co-payment and instead attempted to turn GPs into tax collectors, by cutting the medicare rebate for GP visits under 10 minutes. In January this too was defeated by public outcry and now the Abbott Govt has finally decided to enter into consultation with the sector. However, the ANMF's support for Medicare is unwavering and we will continue to fight any attempts to introduce a $5 or any other co-payment in July.

The healthcare system in Australia is already overstretched, and nurses and midwives feel stressed, overworked and underesourced. This must change in 2015 and it can. Just look at the win in Victoria with the recent election of the Andrews Government and the promise to legislate nurse to patient ratios. In 2015 we must also fight for improvements in the aged care sector, for more funding, more nurses and for the protection of our professions.

Your Health is worth fighting for – join with me.

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