Let nurses and midwives do their job

Tuesday 23rd February, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation, Australian College of Midwives and Australian College of Nurse Practitioners are calling on the senate to pass legislation that allows eligible midwives and nurse practitioners access to MBS and PBS.

ANF Acting Federal Secretary, Lee Thomas said the senate should not delay in passing legislation that would benefit many Australians.

“We are calling for common sense here: pass this legislation and let these highly educated professionals do their job,” she said.

“This is a very important first step in allowing nurse practitioners and eligible midwives to work to their full scope of practice. These professionals have proven themselves over and over again. Let them get on with the job of benefiting the community without further delay.”

Helen Gosby, President of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners, said this is really only the beginning.

“There is significant further work to be done in the detail of these reforms and all those involved need this legislation passed and to get on with it,” she said.

“Consumers have made it clear they want choice and improved access. Nurse practitioners are capable of providing a wide variety of healthcare which can help people not only avoid emergency departments but also maintain better health.”

Dr Barbara Vernon, Executive Officer at Australian College of Midwives, said women deserve choice.

“Australian women have also made it clear that they want to be able to have the services of a midwife should they choose to do so,” she said.

“Why should the community be forced to wait for doctors who are completely overloaded when a highly qualified nurse or midwife is available to provide that