ANF welcomes government support for aged care nurses

Thursday 8th April, 2010

Ged Kearney, Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) has welcomed the decision by Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard to write to aged care providers reminding them of their responsibilities under the award modernisation process.

Ms Kearney said the decision to write to the aged care sector showed the government understood the complex issues surrounding the care of vulnerable elderly nursing home residents.

“Minister Gillard has contacted aged care employers and warned them that the award modernisation process should not be an excuse to cut the wages of hard working nurses in NSW and Queensland.

“We welcome this support - it shows the government understands any pay cuts would lead to a worsening of the aged care staffing crisis. We cannot risk losing any more nurses in this sector.

“We would hope all political parties support the Deputy Prime Minist er’s actions to protect low paid aged care staff,” Ms Kearney said.