Listen to our hardworking teachers, say nurses

Tuesday 4th May, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation is urging a rethink on the unreasonable government approach to teachers’ response to the advent of league tables for schools.

Federal Secretary Ged Kearney said the fight over league tables is not about self-interest.

“I am saddened that the professional opinion of our teachers has been dismissed. They are not asking for more money or working conditions,” she said.

“They just want the best schooling system possible so young people can learn and grow. Nurses know about healthcare and hospitals and teachers are best placed to understand how to educate children.”

“If our teachers are worried about the impact of proposed league tables then we should be listening to those concerns.”

“Like nurses, teachers are dedicated to benefiting those they serve. I am a mother who is deeply grateful to my children’s teachers. They have often gone beyond the call of duty.”

“But I am also a nurse and, like teachers, I know what it is like to be working at the forefront. Australians do not want professional opinions to be silenced with heavy-handed tactics like court action and fines. They want the best possible education for their children and healthcare for the nation.”

“We urge the federal government to respect and listen to the professional opinions of Australia’s hardworking teaching profession.”