The world needs more midwives

Wednesday 5th May, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation would like to congratulate midwives on International Midwives Day.

Midwives around the world celebrate the 'International Day of the Midwife' on May 5th every year.

Federal secretary Ged Kearney said midwives not only helped reduce child mortality but also improved maternal health and helped combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

“Every year Australia’s midwives expertly assist mothers to safely birth their babies, caring for mothers, their newborn and families with professional kindness and dexterity,” she said.

“But world-wide there are too few of these professionals. Midwives are the most appropriate health professionals to safely manage a mother’s maternal care and the birth of their babies. We need about 350,000 more midwives by 2015 to meet world demand.”

“International Midwives Day is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible contribution made by those who dedicate their careers to ensuring newborns have the safest entry and their mothers receive the best possible care.”

“Midwives should be applauded by government, the media and the community.”