ANF welcomes new protections for aged care nurses

Thursday 6th May, 2010

Main points:

  • aged care nurses in Queensland and NSW can preemptively apply for take home orders
  • unions can apply on behalf of a class of employees or outworkers instead of each individual
  • this will assist in protecting the wages of 15,000 award-reliant nurses

The Australian Nursing Federation warmly welcomes the announcement of legislative change that protects the wages of hardworking aged care nurses in Queensland and NSW.

Ged Kearney, ANF federal secretary, said changes to the regulations demonstrated that the government has heard the concerns of aged care nurses and was taking decisive action.

“This development gives further weight to the government’s position that no employee should suffer a reduction in their wages as a result of the establishment of modern awards,” she said.

“The ANF is particular pleased, that the regulations make it clear that applications can be made on a prospective basis on behalf of a class of employees. That means employees will not have to wait until they suffer a loss in wages before taking action.”

“And Fair Work Australia may make Orders requiring employers to continue to make payments in the event that there is a reasonable apprehension that wages may be reduced.”

“These measures bring a welcomed sense of security to 15,000 aged care nurses in Queensland and New South Wales who have been concerned about the impact of the new awards at their workplaces.”