International Nurses’ Day

Wednesday 12th May, 2010

Ged Kearney, Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) said International Nurses’ Day was an important day for nurses all around the world.

“It is very fitting today that nurses in Australia will celebrate with the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd following last night’s budget announcements which are a tremendous boost for the nursing and aged care workforce.

“In Kevin Rudd we have a Prime Minister who not only listens but is prepared to take action to support nurses.

“In thanks for his support the Australian Nursing Federation will today present the Prime Minister with a biography of Florence Nightingale.

“Aged care nurses and staff have been campaigning for greater recognition of their work under the banner Because We Care.

“We are thrilled with the $132 million aged care workforce package announced by the Treasurer in Budget 2010.

“This package will enable thousands of nurses, assistants in nursing (AINs) and personal care workers to upgrade their skills and will help them stay working in the aged care sector.

“It will also ensure high quality care is delivered to the 200,000 aged care residents whom we care for,” she said.

The ANF also acknowledges the significant investment in the nursing workforce more broadly with a further $390 million for nurses working in primary health care.

The Prime Minister will be joined at the morning tea at George Forbes House, in Queanbeyan by aged care nurses and residents.