E-health will talk for the unconscious and elderly

Wednesday 19th May, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation are disappointed that the shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, at his Press Club address, failed to discuss Coalition health policy while also dismissing the benefits of e-Health.

Ged Kearney, ANF federal secretary, said the initiative could save many lives each year because hospital nurses would have instant access to the health details of new patients.

“Everyday you have people who have been in a car accident or are victim of attack or have fallen ill suddenly, they arrive by ambulance unconscious and unaccompanied by family and friends needing immediate treatment. Nurses are forced to decide instantly how to initiate care for that person without knowledge of their medical histories,” she said.

“Are they allergic to a certain medicines? What, if any, medicines are they taking? Do they have an underlying medical condition or are they pregnant? This is vital information that could be quickly accessible through e-Health,” she said.

Ms Kearney said e-Health would also make life easier for those on a complex regime of medication.

“Most people, including the aging, struggle to remember the names of all their medicines and often forget important information that may affect decisions around what treatment they should be given.”

“What we could have instead is a comprehensive health profile of that person including their current status. Obviously this will help avoid any mixing of incompatible medicines and save a lot of pain and suffering.”

“The coalition have so far revealed very little in regards to health policy. And the Press Club address continued this form by lacking any meaningful information that addresses the concerns of Australians who are reliant on the health system.”