Julia Gillard has what it takes to win election 2010

Thursday 24th June, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation congratulates Julia Gillard on becoming the first Australian female Prime Minister.

ANF Federal Secretary-elect, Lee Thomas said Ms Gillard is an accomplished individual who possesses the experience and determination to win the next election.

“It is exciting that a woman will be Prime Minister for the first time in Australia but being PM is not about gender, it’s about capabilities and we believe Julia will be a staunch advocate of issues that are vital to all Australians,” she said.

“The federal government has made important and overdue reforms in health and these must continue. The wellbeing of a nation is integrally linked to the health of its citizens. Australians want a hospital, aged care and primary health care system that works and Labor has demonstrated a keen understanding of this.”

“Under Julia Gillard we are also confident that Australian workers will be protected from the tyranny of Work Choices. The ANF hopes to forge a strong and consultative relationship with Julia to carry on the work that has already been done in industrial relations, protecting workers rights and also ongoing improvements in hospitals, primary health care and aged care.

Ms Thomas also paid tribute to Kevin Rudd.

“Kevin has been a good friend to the nurses and midwives. Over the past three years we have consulted extensively with his government about health. He deserves Australia’s admiration and respect for the accomplishments he achieved in his first term.”