Nurses most ethical profession for the 16th year in a row

Tuesday 29th June, 2010

The Australian Nursing Federation congratulates nurses for once again being voted the most ethical and honest professionals.

In the annual Roy Morgan Image of Professions survey 89% of Australians rated nurses as most trusted. Nurses were first included in the survey in 1994 and have topped the list every year since.

Federal Secretary-elect, Lee Thomas said she felt proud to represent the nursing workforce who deserved public support and recognition for their work.

“Congratulations to Australian nurses who have once again proven they are immensely valuable to the communities they care for,” she said.

“Nurses make up the largest proportion of the health workforce and when people need healthcare and advice it is often nurses who provide this. They care for families, individuals and the elderly. They work in urban, rural and remote regions, they visit the homeless and they are the backbone of the health system.”

“What this vote reflects is the long-lasting trust-based relationship nurses enjoy with people that need care.