ANMF calls on Victorian MPs to show compassion & courage in supporting Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

Thursday 19th October, 2017

Nurses and midwives are urging Victorian MPs to show “compassion and courage” in supporting the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, which will reform current State laws for assisted dying for the terminally-ill.

Federal Secretary Lee Thomas said the Federal ANMF, in collaboration with the ANMF Victoria Branch, had long campaigned for an overhaul of the laws, to ensure that “no one is left to die in intolerable pain, any longer.”

“Our members witness the physical and emotional suffering that terminally-ill people, their families and loved ones are forced to endure because current Victorian laws don’t allow them to die with dignity,” Ms Thomas said.

“The ANMF and our members are supporting the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, as it empowers people suffering from terminal and incurable illnesses, giving them a choice about the timing and manner of their death.

“The proposed changes to the current Victorian law are based on recommendations from a panel of health experts - safe, ethical and humane and importantly containing strict safeguards.

“The ANMF is now urging MPs in the Lower House to display compassion and courage in supporting these long-overdue Legislative changes.

“As a humane, civilized society, we need to ensure that the terminally-ill will are not forced to suffer beyond their wishes.”

The ANMF, with 270,000 members, is the industrial and professional voice for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing in Australia

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