ACT Nurses to take Industrial Action

Thursday 25th July, 2013

The Australian Nursing Federation – ACT Branch (ACT ANF) has today announced that it will seek an order from the Fair Work Commission to take Protected Industrial Action.

This comes from the inability to reach a compromise with the ACT Government in respect of a replacement ACT Public Sector Nursing and Midwifery Enterprise Agreement.

On Friday 12 July, the ACT ANF put what it considered to be a fair compromise to the ACT Government.

It is understood that the ACT Government does not agree.

ACT ANF Branch Secretary, Ms Jenny Miragaya, says that ACT Public Sector Nurses and Midwives gave up most of their claims in an attempt to reach a compromise, and are now left feeling very upset and completely undervalued.

“Our Nurses and Midwives recognised the economic difficulties that the ACT Government is facing, and proposed a very reasonable counter offer”, Ms Miragaya said.

“However, it appears that the ACT Government does not wish to listen to reason and, if that is the case, our members are left with very little choice”, Ms Miragaya added.

It is understood that the ACT ANF will lodge an application with the Fair Work Commission tomorrow (Friday 26 July) seeking permission to take Industrial Action.

“As the permission process takes time, the ACT ANF will continue to bargain with the ACT Government in an attempt to reach a compromise position”, Ms Miragaya said.

Although the ACT ANF has committed to continue to bargain, it is not optimistic that the parties will come to an agreement soon.

“After what the ACT Government has rejected, the ACT ANF is not sure when an agreement will be reached”, Ms Miragaya added.

The ACT ANF originally sought a number of claims including a 4-year agreement with a 20% pay increase, along with improvements to rostering principles and night-shift penalty rates.

Contact: Jenny Miragaya, ACT ANF Branch. Ph (02) 6282 9455; 0409812932