ANF celebrates International Women’s Day

Thursday 7th March, 2013

The growing membership of Australia’s largest health union, the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF), is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) today.

ANF Federal Secretary, Lee Thomas, said IWD was a time for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing (AINs) to celebrate the crucial role women continue to play across Australia’s nursing and midwifery workforce.

“Like women right across the world, ANF members will be taking time out from their busy work, family and home life balance today, to reflect on IWD 2013,” Ms Thomas said today.

“This week, the ANF gained significant momentum with a boost in wages for our low-paid members working in aged care, the vast majority women.

“The Federal Government’s $1.2 billion funding injection will flow through to the hip pockets of workers through enterprise bargaining, which is a real win for them.

“But it’s also important for our members to use IWD to focus on the many workforce challenges we still face, particularly this year, the year of the Federal Election.”

Ms Thomas said the ANF will be lobbying the Government, Opposition and key Independents in coming months, to ensure health is an election priority for all them.

“They must do more to solve Australia’s nursing crisis, particularly the continued under-employment of graduate nurses and midwives,” she added.

“By 2025, there will be a predicted shortage of more than 109,000 nurses. In aged care alone, there is a current shortage of 20,000 nurses to cope with a rapidly ageing population.”

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The ANF, with over 225,000 members, is the professional and industrial voice for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing in Australia.

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