Caterers at Woodhaven Lodge walk out after not being paid, nurses’ union says

Monday 15th July, 2013

A nursing home in Melbourne's eastern suburbs was without food on Friday night after the caterers walked out and took the food with them because they had not been paid, the nurses' union said.

Residents at Woodhaven Lodge in Croydon were left at risk of going hungry when the caterers departed.

Residents are at risk with dietary requirements not being met

Nursing staff went to a supermarket to buy supplies, but many residents had dietary requirements that could not be met off the shelf.

Australian Nursing Federation assistant secretary Paul Gilbert said residents were at risk.

Woodhaven Lodge was part of the Cambridge Aged Care Group, which was linked to convicted criminal Stephen George Snowden.

Nursing homes going into administration and being shut down

Two of the other homes in the group are now in administration, while a third home was shut down by the Health Department for failing to meet basic standards.

Health Department spokeswoman Kay McNiece said there was an investigation underway.

"The Department is aware of this. Investigators went out there to the home to ensure that there are short term arrangements in place," she said.

The Department planned to continue visiting the home to monitor progress, she added.