DVA Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program

Sunday 3rd March, 2013

You are invited to attend a workshop to review how your existing care planning meets the CVC Program requirements and practise using the Flinders Program™ care planning tools.

You will also have the opportunity to extend your local primary health care network.

The workshop provides an introduction to the Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) Program. The workshop is fully funded by the Department of Veterans' Affairs and includes a guided opportunity to practice with a volunteer using the Flinders Program™ care planning tools. For the best workshop outcomes, create a user account and view Module Two first. You can do this at

Where will the workshops be held?
The workshops are offered in areas with large populations of veterans eligible for the CVC Program. There will be a rolling program of workshops through to early 2014. Attendance at the workshop is optional.
All CVC Program education and training is available online at or by requesting the DVD version. Modules One and Two are also available in hardcopy versions.

When do the workshops begin and how can I register? Go to and click on your state in the top right hand corner of the page to register. Phone 1800 652 357 or email for further information.

Further information on the DVA Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program