Federal health funding a “victory for common sense”

Thursday 21st February, 2013

A decision by the Federal Government to redirect more than $100 million in funding cuts to the Victorian health system is a victory for common sense which will assist in the delivery of safe patient care, according to the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF).

“This funding must be injected straight back into frontline healthcare as an urgent priority and the State Government must reverse all changes implemented,” ANF Federal Secretary, Lee Thomas, said today.

“We’ve already seen billions of dollars slashed from public health systems from across Australia in order to achieve so-called budget savings.

“Unfortunately, it’s highly-trained nurses and midwives and the people they care for, each and every day, who have been suffering as a result of the ongoing blame game over health funding between Federal and State and Territory Governments.

“We acknowledge the redirection of funding for Victoria as a step in the right direction which can assist in the delivery of safe patient care.

“This is a victory for the Victorian community and also the ANF Victorian branch which has campaigned long and hard for restoration of public health services across the State.”

Ms Thomas said the ANF, as Australia’s largest health union, was confident the restoration of funding for Victoria was a clear message that the Federal Government will make health a priority at the election – with a particular focus on the greater employment opportunities for graduate nurses and midwives to meet the challenges of Australia’s predicted nursing and midwifery workforce shortage and the provision of right staffing levels to ensure the delivery of safe patient care for the community.

The ANF, with over 225,000 members, is the professional and industrial voice for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing in Australia.

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