Nuclear weapons are plain stupid! Sign the ICAN petition to ban them

Tuesday 30th April, 2013

Not all stupid things are equal. Some stupid things are far more concerning than others. There are 19,000 nuclear weapons around the world. It only takes one to cause a humanitarian catastrophe on a horrific scale. Yet we've talked ourselves into having 2,000 of them on hair trigger alert, ready to be launched within minutes.

We are potentially only minutes away from the horror of seeing an entire city flattened in an instant, killing hundreds of thousands of people with no adequate humanitarian relief possible. Its effects will spread across borders and generations. This is madness, not a security strategy.

There is only one cure for this threat. We have to ban nuclear weapons.

If you believe that the time for waiting and hoping is over and that we have to act now, sign the petition and send a message to your government that you don't accept the status quo. You want your government to start negotiating a ban on nuclear weapons now.

Add your voice! Sign the petition.