Outrageous attack on free speech in Queensland

Monday 3rd June, 2013

Across Queensland there is shock and anger that the State Government wants to shut down open discussion about their policy program with draconian new legislation.

The Queensland Nurses Union is standing with other unions, and the broader Queensland community, to talk to people about the threat to free speech from their Premier Campbell Newman.

Click and watch the TV ad

Hundreds of people have donated money to ensure this television spot can be shown on Queensland television stations tonight and tomorrow.

Already nearly 9000 people have seen this ad on You Tube.

Can you spare a dollar or two?

But unions in Queensland want to educate the community about the threat to free speech by showing the television spot more than just over two nights.

You can help by making just a small donation  that will go toward extending the airing of the ad -  and by telling your friends  about the campaign, and how a dollar or two from them could help the campaign.