Tell the Senate why penalty rates matter

Monday 17th September, 2012

A fortnight ago Senator Xenophon introduced a bill to parliament that would scrap penalty rates for thousands of workers.

Thousands sent emails telling Senator Xenophon to Bin his Bill. He has not listened. In fact more employers have joined in to support him.

The ACTU needs your help right now to tell the Australian Senate how important the weekend is for you. Will you write a submission to the Senate Committee inquiry into Senator Xenophon's bill?

Senator Xenophon plans to cut penalty rates for workers in small businesses in the retail, restaurant and catering sectors. A retail worker doing a 6 hour shift on Sunday could be $105 worse off.

Senator Xenophon thinks that weekends are out-dated. His bill would treat Saturday and Sunday like any other day of the week.

Workers in the industries Senator Xenophon has targeted are low paid and often rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.

Businesses should pay a little more for workers who give up their weekend. That's only fair.

Tell the Australian Senate what you think of Senator Xenophon's bill to scrap penalty rates by writing a submission. Submissions are due Thursday, 20 September 2012.

The Save Our Weekend website has more information on Senator Xenophon's bill and a form to help you write a submission.

If you don't work in hospitality or retail you can still write a submission - explain why this bill matters to you, to some you know, or to the rights of working Australians.