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Budget 2015 More Questions than Answers

A message from Lee Thomas, ANMF Federal Secretary

Up to 100,000 nurses and midwives could lose access to publically-funded paid parental leave (PPL) if drastic cuts to the scheme go ahead as a result of this year’s Budget.  Slashing of the PPL is contrary to expert advice showing that the existing scheme had improved the health and well-being of Mothers and their babies. Cuts to the PPL could lead to many Mothers forced to return to work too soon.

As the Minister for Women he promised a 26 week scheme. Then, in one of his first backflips, it was decreased to 18 weeks and now for more than 100,000 nurses and midwives it may have been taken off the table completely.

The World Health Organisation recommends 26 weeks leave of paid leave and as nurses and midwives, we all know the health benefits for both Mothers and their babies, if new Mums can stay at home longer. They can bond with their babies, breast feed for longer and not be stressed about returning to work.

For many years the ANMF has campaigned for extensions to PPL and now Tony Abbott has broken another promise - a promise about parental leave he made to women prior to the last election.

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