Continuing Professional Education


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation has developed best practice on-line continuing professional development (CPD) for all nurses and midwives in Australia.

CPE is the ANMF’s solution for your continuing professional development needs to allow you to fulfil the NMBA’s requirements. Your CPD couldn’t be in better hands than with the ANMF.


Telehealth tutorials are available on the ANMF CPE website. There are a total of 9 tutorials in the course. Please note that these tutorials are FREE to all.

Members and non-members can log in below to complete the Telehealth courses for FREE!


Find out more about CPD and the AHPRA CPD standard.

Your current registration requirements  
  • Registered Nurse
20 hours per year
  • Registered Midwife
20 hours per year
  • Enrolled nurse
20 hours per year
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ANMF, NSWNMA and QNU Members
For members of the ANMF, NSWNMA or QNU – you can access your Continuing Professional Development topics at a reduced rate of $7.70 per topic.  Members also receive a free ANMF professional portfolio where topics undertaken through the CPD website are automatically entered on completion of assessments. There is also provision for CPD undertaken outside of the CPD website to be entered manually by the member to create a comprehensive portfolio for NMBA audit requirements.


Non-members can access all online Continuing Professional Development topics for $30.00 for each topic.

Non-members do not get access to the ANMF CPD online record or the free tutorials which count towards your CPD. Why not join the ANMF and benefit?

CPD Guide
Utilise your portfolio, training and work experience – do you know that the following experiences count towards your CPD?

  • Mentoring in the workplace
  • Reading nursing articles (including articles in the ANMJ)
  • Research

There is a for a full list of NMBA approved CPD items provided for you on the main page of the CPD website.

Don’t get the ANMJ? – Subscribe nowNursing articles in the ANJ can count towards your annual CPD.

Aged Care Training Room
The ANMF has launched the online Aged Care Training Room, which provides aged and community care nurses with the opportunity to remotely meet their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for national registration. The virtual training ‘room’ is accessible to anyone in Australia or the world who wants to further their professional education online. Find out more

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At the ANMF we value your input and feedback.  We are committed to providing best quality continuing professional education.  This is your website, and your union.

For any enquiries regarding Continuing Professional Education please contact:
Jodie Davis, ANMF Federal Education Officer

You can also send your comments and feedback via this form.

Interested in writing education material for the ANMF?

  • It counts towards your CPD;
  • Helps other nurses and midwives to undertake their CPD;
  • Share your expertise and passion with other nurses and midwives.

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