Australia’s Healthcare Challenges

Nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing face challenges on every shift.  Right across Australia there is a frustration with the health system, not enough money, underfunded hospitals, not enough nurses, midwives or beds, and not enough time to spend with patients and residents.

Each and every Australian has the right to receive the highest level of healthcare, and the Australian community who join our frustration at the lack of funding, lack of nurses and midwives  and lack of time to care.

Australian politicians can and must do more to improve the quality of healthcare for all Australians and to attract and retain nurses and midwives in every setting.  Our campaigns aim to redress the priorities of all decision makers, to make sure they stop ignoring the situation and start offering solutions to fixing the problems in Australian healthcare.

You can help us put patients interests and patient care at the forefront of healthcare debate, by joining the ANMF and taking part in our campaigns.  Together, we can change the minds of politicians and make sure heath is a priority for all politicians in Australia.

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