Petitions can help you win campaigns

Petitions are often used in a campaign, and are a useful tool when you want to show that you have a lot of support behind for your issue or increased funding, or new policy

A petition is usually as simple as a call to action but care must be taken when preparing a petition.  For example, if you want your petition to be table in the House of Representatives, there are rules which apply to the format and wording of the petition, including online petitions.

A petition to your local MP signed by local constituents, those that vote for them, is a powerful way to get your opinion heard and action on your issue.  MP’s are likely to take notice of a petition if it is directed specifically to them, and signed by those living in their local electorate.

BWC petition to Tony Windsor MP

As part of the Because We Care campaign the ANMF organized a local petition to Tony Windsor MP Member for New England.  As a guide to the format and words you might like to follow for your petition, a copy of this petition is below.  ANMF and NSWNMA members then handed up the petition signed by over 4000 residents of the electorate of New England to their MP Tony Windsor.

Using petitions to get your message across.  The ANMF members and Federal Secretary Lee Thomas hand up a petition with over 26,000 signatures to Productivity Commissioner Tony Woods, overseeing the Inquiry into the aged care system in Australia in 2011.


You might like to get the support of your workmates for a particular issues, and this can be a good way making sure your issue has lots of support.

Rules for petitions to the House of Representatives and Senate