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Nurses and Midwives – we deserve our penalty rates

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to review all aspects of the industrial relations system.

In reality your penalty rates are again under attack
The Productivity Commission may recommendations that affect your penalty rates, shift allowances, wages and conditions. This is just another attempt by the Government to allow business to take control of the agenda and cut wages and conditions that don't suit them or that they don't want to pay.

The ANMF has made submissions and included many of your comments from the penalty rates survey.  The date for the final Inquiry Report is November 2015.

Nurses and Midwives deserve our penalty rates
Over 13,000 nurses and midwives responsed to our survey in early 2015 on what penalty rates mean to you.  Your told us that:

Sometimes we don’t see our kids for 4 nights in a row, our health suffers, our family life suffers, we cannot get involved in our community, we miss weekends, Christmas, Easter, we miss our family and our friends. Our kids don’t do weekend sport, we miss parent teacher nights, ballet performances, and seeing our parents. We miss these things – to be there for you 24/7.

It’s time to tell the Government that if penalty rates go – then nurses and midwives go.

March 4 2015 Rally to save penalty rates
Thousands of nurses and midwives joined with the union community on March 4 to rally to save our penalty rates. See the campaign gallery below.