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Stop Government cuts to PPL

Paid Parental Leave Survey

In June the ANMF conducted a survey of members investigating their views on PPL, including their experiences of accessing PPL and managing after the birth of a child as well as their intentions to access PPL in the future. View the survey report.

Fairer Paid Parental Leave Amendment Bill

The Fairer Paid Parental Leave Amendment Bill was introduced into Parliament by the Government in June 2015 and has been referred to the Senate Community Affairs Standing Committee. The ANMF intends to make a submission and is asking members to do the same.  

You have until the end of July to make a submission.

Government announces massive cuts to PPL for Australian women

On Mothers Day 2015, the Government announced they would deny access to Government funded paid parental leave for Australian women who have some paid parental leave provided by their employer through an enterprise agreement. 

As a result nearly 100,000 nurses and midwives may lose the Government paid parental leave entitlement if they were planning to have a baby after 1 July 2016.

The Govt scheme was designed to complement paid and unpaid leave arrangements negotiated by workers and their unions - to give new mums and babies as close to 26 weeks at home with their baby.

Access to 26 weeks paid parental leave is backed by experts as optimal for the health and well-being of mothers, babies and families, and supports the increased participation of women in the workforce.

What this means to nurses and midwives

If you are planning to start a family after 1 July 2016 you will not have access to both schemes.  In many cases, you will lose the $11,500 government universal paid parental leave and only have your employer PPL scheme (topped up by the government to 18 weeks).

What this means to mums and babies

Nurses and midwives know that 26 weeks paid parental leave provides the vital bond for mums and babies, aids recovery and improves breast feeding outcomes.    

Some new mums will be forced to return to work earlier than planned, family budgets will be placed under pressure, and stressful decisions may be forced on families after 18 weeks or even less. 

What you can do