ANF Membership Milestone

Monday 13th August, 2012

The ANF is pleased to announce further growth in its membership across the Australian health system – with membership now standing at 220,000 Read more

Nurses say career is on life support

Sunday 12th August, 2012

There are no toilet breaks, lunch comes from the vending machine and direct orders to go home at the end of a shift are ignored if a patient is in need.This is the real world of modern nursing. Read more

Aged Care Nursing Scholarships

Wednesday 25th July, 2012

The Australian Government funded Aged Care Nursing Scholarships are open for application until 31 August 2012. Members are encouraged to visit the website via the following link for application forms. Read more

Influenza vaccination alert for nurses and midwives

Friday 20th July, 2012

Australian data shows seasonal influenza-like illness is on the increase. Nurses and midwives are strongly encouraged to obtain influenza vaccination for themselves, and, are key in promoting vaccination to the public. Read more