ANMF statement on COVID-19 strategy to surge ICU nursing workforce

Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Nurses are on the frontline of Australia’s emergency health response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registered nurses and midwives are the largest component of the country’s health workforce and are integral to the effective operation of the Australian health and aged care systems. 

As part of a national, co-ordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to better protect the health and well-being of all Australians, it is essential that we use all resources available, especially the skills and knowledge of our highly capable nursing workforce.

The ANMF welcomes the Government’s strategy to provide additional training for registered nurses.

This will maximise the capacity of experienced, registered nurses and prepares them to boost the intensive care nursing workforce as needed in dealing with the unfolding pandemic.

During infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, nurses are at the frontline of emergency response efforts.

Nurses identify, manage, and treat patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, as well as ensure ongoing and everyday healthcare activities continue. 

Nurses will deliver critical support to health and aged care systems under increasing demands.

ANMF statement authorised by ANMF Federal Secretary, Annie Butler. 1/365 Queen St, Melbourne.

The ANMF, with over 280,000 members, is the industrial and professional voice for nurses, midwives and assistants in nursing in Australia.

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